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Ajlan & Brothers and Ammar launch an industrial diversification plan at auction

20 April 2016

Ajlan and Bros. Group and Ammar Real Estate Company are launching the industrial diversification plan located in Dammam, west of the second industrial city, at a public auction on April 27, with an area of approximately 900,000 square meters.

Ajlan Al Ajlan, Chairman of the Ajlan and Bros. Group, said that there is a great demand for lands designated for industrial uses, warehouses, factories and multi-use maintenance centers, as a result of the tremendous and accelerated development in the general growth of business, industry and trade thanks to the Kingdom's ability to overcome the negative effects resulting from lower oil prices and various economic transformations. In addition to the upcoming announcement by the Kingdom of the economic transformation program, which, God willing, will support the national economy and diversify sources of income.

Al Ajlan added that the industrial diversification plan has unique and varied investment advantages, including developing the superstructure, establishing diversified industry centers, establishing and renting warehouses, investing in housing services for workers, investing in supply, storage and packing services, in addition to multiple uses of warehouses, assembly and packing areas, factories, industrial workshops and labor housing.

For his part, Chief Executive Officer of Ammar Real Estate Company, Abdul Hadi Al-Qahtani, said that the industrial sector is one of the most important sectors that attract investment in the Kingdom due to its distinguished investment results and its great contribution to supporting the national economy, increasing the size of growth and operating the national workforce, and affirming that the industrial diversification project came to serve these Goals.

Al-Qahtani added that the engineering design of the plan took into account all technical aspects and specific solutions for an industrial zone that establishes future industries. As the development processes in the infrastructure of the plan took nearly two years and the project was developed in accordance with the statutory specifications adopted in developing the infrastructure for mega industrial projects, explaining that the industrial diversification plan located in the heart of the industrial zone is linked to a promising network of current and future roads to be a distinct center for advanced industrial services, In addition to its proximity to the first industrial city, which is one of the first three industrial cities in the Kingdom, which includes the manufacture of foodstuffs, furniture, paper, printing products, plastics, chemical and mineral products, devices, cement and marble, as well as the plan is located near the second industrial city, which includes a large number of different industries which It is in need of a large adjacent warehouse to facilitate the storage process.

It is noteworthy that Ajlan & Bros Group is a pioneering group in the giant real estate investment and development, and it owns many activities and investments inside and outside the Kingdom, and the group has distinct imprints in investment and real estate development. Where pioneering residential, commercial and industrial plans have been completed in the Kingdom. It is also worth noting that Ammar Real Estate Company is considered one of the companies that possess the leadership in real estate investment and development and has worked since its establishment to innovate investment solutions and pioneering real estate products, and because excellence, quality and confidence are the main challenges that it faces with its work team, it has committed to creating professional business plans that precede all its projects And its products and investments