About Ajlan & Bros

Goals and Values


Ajlan & Bros aims to create value to everyone, achieving three types of impacts: positive economic impact, personal impact through our employees understanding that our strategic vision focuses on meeting demands of our clients, and the social impact through maintaining our heritage and legacy.


Since the establishment of Ajlan & Bros in 1979, it managed to excel and succeed with many accomplishments by setting specific values to its employees, the same values that defines “Ajlan & Bros Group”, such as teamwork and quality control.

  • Since 1979
  • 12,000 Employees
  • More than 15 countries

Company profile

Ajlan & Bros developed from a small shop in "Al-Deira" in Riyadh, into a dynamic company capable of delivering its products to many countries around the world. Four brothers Ajlan, Saad, Muhammad and Fahad founded the group in 1979, turning it into one of the most famous Saudi companies in the line of textile and fabric. The company is also consider one of the most prestigious companies in real estate development, as well as other strategic businesses such as energy, water, food, technology, logistics, hospitality and operation. The company is also known for investing in different sectors around the world.

Board members

  • Ajlan Bin Abdulaziz Alajlan


  • Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Alajlan


  • Fahad Bin Abdulaziz Alajlan


  • Fahad Bin Saad Alajlan



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