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500 million riyals sales of the industrial Scope plan auction in Sharkia

21 December 2014

A real estate consortium that included Ajlan & Brothers, Al-Wabel Real Estate and Yazdan Group, closed the last industrial real estate auction in the Eastern Province during this year with great success, reflecting the level of demand and demand for industrial lands for industrial use and warehouses, achieving sales of 500 million riyals.

According to the coalition that ran the auction held last Tuesday: In spite of the clear demand in all components of the industrial sector and the expansion in its activity, and consequently the high demand for real estate products designated for this activity, the selling price was realistic and moderate, ranging from 650 to 700 riyals per square meter. It is a moderate price that has brought interest to the investor in the industrial sector to start his project, and to achieve the appropriate and acceptable profit for the investors.

It is noteworthy that the Scope industrial plan, which is located on 900 thousand square meters and owned by Ajlan & Brothers, Al-Wabel Real Estate and "Yazdan", closed in record time, after selling all the components of the project in the Eastern Province, during the auction held at the Sheraton Hotel in Dammam.

The plan is located west of the Second Industrial City, north of Abqaiq Road, south of the Riyadh Expressway and in the center of the Industrial Zone. The companies developing the plan have worked to provide integrated services in it, making it ready for a distinct industrial and productive environment, and these services include extending the electricity network, extending the water network, Drainage network extension, telephone network extension, street asphalting, road paving, lighting.

The areas of the planned lands range from 3 to 5 thousand square meters, in addition to the availability of commercial and service lands for the plan, and other lands designated for housing the workers, which are witnessing high demand at the present time and whose area exceeds 15 thousand square meters.