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Drosh Fur, the best-selling thobe in the Kingdom

31 December 2013

The "Drosh Fur" Thobe from Ajlan and Bros. Company achieved great success because it is distinguished by a new type of self-lined fur fabric, with one piece attached rather than separate, which represents a new shift in the world of men's clothing.

The "drosh fur" dress gives a great sense of warmth, due to the thickness of the fabric made of it and lined with fur, and many of the characteristics of the dress have contributed to the growing demand for it to combine elegance and warmth, as it is very practical in the days of severe winter, so the man does not need to wear it with him. For any additional coats or scarves, as it is soft to touch and flexible in all positions of standing, sitting or driving the car, and it is available in several models for different occasions, "official work, outings, visits." Ajlan and Bros. Group did not neglect the concern for the quality of manufacturing the "Drosh Fur" dress, as this cloth was made in a very special way, by developing the regular winter cloth and adjusting the mixing ratio of the filaments used in the raw cloth yarns, and preparing it in a special thermal method to control the specifications of the cloth and its shrinkage rate. After washing and ironing, until it conforms to the specifications and rates of shrinkage of the fur, which is made in a special way, so that a high appearance of the fabric is preserved after several times of use.