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Ajlan Al Ajlan and Ammar Real Estate complete the sale of the Ewan plan for 300 million riyals

04 May 2013

Ajlan and Bros. Group and Ammar Real Estate completed the sale of the Ewan plan in Khobar in a record time amounting to two hours, with a total value of more than 300 million riyals. The average sale prices in the auction, which witnessed a large and large presence, reached 600 riyals per square meter, as the auction management succeeded in selling 500 housing plots in the auction in a good way that meets the needs of consumers, at reasonable prices. Ajlan Al Ajlan, Chairman of the Ajlan and Bros. Group, said after the completion of the sale of the 868,000-square-meter plot in the Al-Aziziyah area; We thank God for completing the sale in record time, stressing the importance of pumping more diverse land products into the market, because this step is the most important in stabilizing and moderating prices, and perhaps selling the plots today at an average of 600 riyals confirms the importance of working hard with real estate and investment groups, for partnership In developing lands and converting them into residential, commercial and investment plots, to keep pace with the increasing demand for them. For his part, Abdul Hadi Al-Qahtani, CEO of Ammar Real Estate Company, said that the real estate market in the eastern region is still in great need for lands with integrated services with reasonable prices for those who want to live and for real estate developers, and he considered in a previous statement that the Azizia area in Al Khobar is one of the most attractive cities in the region for residents and investors. For its features, location and price.




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