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( Ajlan & Brothers) develops its website according to the latest technologies

18 March 2013

Ajlan & Bros. Company recently completed the development of its website, as it will launch it soon, to be a new addition towards further achieving its goals under the slogan "The satisfaction of our esteemed customers is always our goal", in a new step aimed at increasing the communication mechanisms between it and its customers.

The company used to update and develop its site and prepare it in a more interactive way with the most skilled experts and technicians, as it is expected that the new site of (Ajlan & Bros.) will appear attractive and achieve the ambitions of the firm in making the relationship between the customer and the company more powerful, more interactive and meets the customers' desires.

This technological development comes within the plans of (Ajlan and Bros.), which has always worked according to mechanisms and prior plans that take into account every development that contributes to achieving more satisfaction among its customers with what it offers them of high-quality products and wonderful detail, as the new site will give more spaces and harness more means of communication. Effective access to customers' opinions and suggestions, and according to its modern technologies, it will facilitate the arrival of these proposals and opinions to the executive and productive bodies within the company.

It is noteworthy that Ajlan and Bros. have qualified a specialized team with distinguished experience to supervise and manage the new site, as the selection process was carried out not only according to technological expertise, but also interested in their communication experiences and their ability to achieve more positive interaction, this team of work, which is expected in The very short period of time for him to launch communication campaigns and creative ideas that are expected to produce results that customers desire and achieve full satisfaction with them, and these campaigns will have a good effect on the hearts of customers and make them sure that their choice of Ajlan and Bros. products is the best decision they have made in the field of clothing, chewing and gut