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Khobar: The Dora residential and commercial plan was put up for auction

16 February 2013

Ajlan & Bros Group and Ammar Real Estate Company intend to put the Dora plan up for auction at Azizia Al Khobar next Tuesday in Seef Hall, and Al Azizia is witnessing a major development in infrastructure construction and construction, as the Eastern Region Municipality has approved comprehensive plans to develop the city, which is equivalent to the size of Al Khobar.

For his part, Ajlan Al Ajlan, Chairman of Ajlan and Bros. Company, explained the need to join hands to pump more distinguished housing plans to fill the deficit in prepared residential lands.

Al Ajlan said that the Dora plan, located in Azizia Al-Khobar, has great temptations for investors and residents, as the Azizia area is the natural extension of Al-Khobar, in addition to being promised quality and comprehensive services that constitute a major urban shift. Al Ajlan emphasized that the Azizia area in Al-Khobar possesses qualifications that make it a real and attractive destination for housing seekers, in addition to the distinctive strategic location of the area, it has beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts that distinguish it from other regions. Al Ajlan pointed to the great growth in the population of the eastern region, which necessitates the existence of developed housing cities that are suitable for the region's residents in terms of diversity and quality.

For his part, CEO of Ammar Real Estate Company, Abdul Hadi bin Fahd Al-Qahtani, said that the Dora plan is a qualitative addition to residential cities in Khobar. Al-Qahtani explained that the Dora plan will provide an opportunity for housing seekers as the plan enjoys competitive prices starting from five hundred riyals per square meter. Dora a great breakthrough for residential land seekers, in return for the advantages it enjoys that attract housing and stability, and added that Ammar, the director and marketer of the project, will fulfill individual purchase requests as a commitment to individual buyers. Ownership and construction.

Al-Qahtani added that out of keenness to meet individual buyers' demands, there will be high flexibility in the advance payment for purchase, up to 10% of the full value of the offered plots, considering that the Dora plan is one of the most promising plans in the field of construction and investment, as it is considered a distinct cultural and housing destination.