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Ajlan and Bros. begins construction of a modern model central warehouse in Riyadh

29 December 2012

Ajlan and Bros. Company signed an agreement to establish a main warehouse to store its products with Engineering House Contracting Company specializing in civil and architectural works at its headquarters in the capital, Riyadh, in a move aimed at keeping pace with the expansion of its production lines and in view of the increasing demand for its products in the Saudi market and the increase in its sales centers and branches spread throughout all Across the Kingdom, where Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Al Ajlan, Vice Chairman of Ajlan and Bros. Company, and Dr. Faisal Al-Sharif, Director General of Engineering House, signed the contract between them to implement the construction of the main warehouse, and this warehouse is established in the city of Riyadh on a total area of 40 thousand square meters.

Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Al Ajlan confirmed that the establishment of one main warehouse to store all Ajlan and Bros. products will be in accordance with the latest construction, processing and storage standards, as it was agreed with a number of companies specialized in the warehouse processing sector from the construction stage to the stage of storage and distribution, indicating that the most important standard adopted by Ajlan and Bros. to sign such agreements is quality and durability and provide all the foundations of safety and public safety according to the latest designs and the highest levels.

Al Ajlan explained that the main warehouse will contribute to facilitating the methods and mechanisms of distributing products to the sales centers and branches of the company scattered in the Kingdom to be carried out according to an advanced mechanism that contributes to making the distribution process more effective and accomplished.

Al Ajlan emphasized that the processes of developing production and design mechanisms that Ajlan and Bros. follow in accordance with the highest quality standards also obligate them to pay attention to the stages of storage and distribution, adding that “the confidence of our customers, which is our true source of strength and the actual mark of excellence that we are proud of, obliges us to work continuously to develop all the stages and steps that are Our products reach our valued customers with great interest and care, taking into account the accuracy and safety of storage and distribution, as well as the safety of production and design, and that this step to establish a main warehouse to store all Ajlan and Bros. products is a pre-planned and prepared stage, and it is expected in the coming periods to increase areas Main warehouse to match the increasing demand for our products.

In the same context, Ajlan & Bros. Company signed an agreement with the Arab Emergency Public Safety Company to supply the building and equip it with the latest means of public safety in accordance with the standards approved by the Civil Defense Department and in accordance with the latest necessary means and equipment. The conditioning operations, temperature control and ease of movement of stored products to ensure their safety and not affected by any negative storage factors. Al Ajlan pointed to the company's keenness to always provide the best to maintain the confidence of their customers, adding, “With the grace of God and his thanks, we are proceeding according to steady steps and deliberate and prepared strategies in advance, bearing in mind our customers. Honorable people and dearly value their confidence in our products, and we will spare no effort to serve them and provide what they really deserve with distinction and creativity, relying on the success of God Almighty ».

It is worth noting that Ajlan & Bros. Company is considered the owner of distinction in the field of clothing industries through a group of international brands that are the most widespread in the whole world due to its uniqueness with distinguished quality in terms of quality of production and beauty of design. With high quality and clear distinction.