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Ajlan and Bros... Journey of Excellence and Research Development

21 December 2012

In a country that is considered one of the most countries in the world that uses and consumes special products of clothing, which, although it represents the traditional folk dress, but the desire of consumers to keep their clothes in line with fashion in terms of quality, design and choice of colors, the Kingdom is the first figure in sales of shemagh and ghutra, and this rank And the huge amount of consumption created a high-level competitive market, which made the necessity of having incentives to help the consumer choose his shemagh and ghutra, based on special conditions in which the demand for quality and the beauty of design mixed to form one specific request to constitute the biggest challenge for this industry and those in charge.

Ajlan and Bros. Company, which is specialized in the manufacture and production of shemagh and ghutra, has kept pace with this need among customers in their desire to obtain a product of high quality and elegant in its design, and through its research and studies department in Ajlan & Brothers, it conducted many researches to determine the main factors for the purchase of shemagh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, and its studies have shown that the most important factor for customers is quality and quality, and the interest of the user of the shemagh or ghutra in the material from which the shemagh is made and the brand it carries comes first in him.

Ajlan and Bros., which has always been keen from the start to provide what is best for its customers, seeks through market and consumer studies conducted by its research and studies department to keep pace with the tastes of its customers and help them choose what is most suitable for them, so it worked to integrate the two basic needs that the consumer focuses on in a need One is wearing the shemagh that they are comfortable with and trust, comfort in the splendor of design and confidence in the quality of the product.

In any product that a person uses, the foundations for its purchase and use are the same, quality, durability and beauty of design, which is an equation that all productive factories in all types of products seek to reach, and for this reason the focus remains for Ajlan and Bros. on developing the mechanisms of their research department and enabling them to access the variables of the conditions for choosing Products are available to consumers accurately and easily.

Ajlan & Brothers, the leading company in the field of manufacturing clothing, Shemagh and ghutra all over the world, has been distinguished since its establishment by the quality of its products, but it always strives to keep pace with the developments of the times in developing the same quality, with its focus on providing wonderful designs that always satisfy and trust its customers, quality and beauty when they meet In one product, excellence is always its title.