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Ajlan and Bros... More success and achievements

13 December 2012

In light of the tremendous industrial development that the world is witnessing recently, a tremendous development has also arisen in the field of the human concept and his perception as a consumer to the products that he uses and consumes in his life and the quality and quality of the materials involved in their manufacture, and this necessarily led to an increase in demand to ascertain the extent of the influence of the materials that enter the process Production of products consumed and used by humans, whether by direct impact on him or on the environment in general.

And recently, Ajlan & Bros. Company announced that it has obtained the SGS global certificate specialized in ensuring the environmental specifications and the extent of the impact of the materials used in production on humans and the environment together. Ajlan and Bros. has many products that it manufactures and produces and is at the same time one of the most famous international brands, and it is a leading company in trade And the manufacture of clothes, shemagh, ghutra and ready-made clothes.

This declaration of this certificate came on one of Ajlan and Bros. products that bears the trademark Drosh, as this certificate relates to the quality of the product and the quality and quantity of the chemicals used in the production, as this certificate recognized that Ajlan and Bros. and through it its producer Drosh uses harmless materials To the human body and do not lead to any side effects to him or the environment.

Drosh is one of the famous brands made by Ajlan & Bros. Co. is a brand specializing in underwear, and is one of the top brands and the most demand by consumers, due to its excellent quality and high quality have made them the best - selling and most widely used in the production class, hence paid this The certification gives Drosh users more confidence and security and assures them that their choice is the best, most reassuring and trusted choice.

And the global SGS certificate and report that Drosh deservedly deserves is a certificate specialized in inspection, verification and testing of the quality and reliability of products, as it is considered a global reference in the field of industries in which the use of productive materials in terms of their impact on humans and the environment, and this certificate is distinguished by its strict and severe standards in verifying Quality due to its adoption in many countries as a true measure of product quality and safety. As this SGS certificate is added to the many international certificates and reports obtained by Ajlan & Brothers, and on all of its products, such as Oeko Tex 1000 certificate. These entitlements and certificates achieved by Ajlan and Bros. are international certificates and standards that consumers constantly demand to ascertain the quality and quality of the products they use in their lives, and the extent of their influence with them and the materials that enter into their manufacture, and the greater their demand for certain products, the greater the need for them to be ascertained. Products, and this is what made SGS issue its Drosh quality report due to the increasing demand for it and its choice by consumers around the world as the number one product they use.



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