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«Brogeh » Shemagh - international standards in quality and manufacturing, and prices are affordable

03 August 2012

(Brogeh ) Shemagh from the (Ajlan & Brothers) company continued to excel and be the leader in the acacia sector, to achieve a distinguished position by following high international and national standards in the quality of raw materials and manufacturing, and keenness on innovation and renewal without prejudice to originality and identity, so that the result is the confidence of the company's customers and their choice of (Brogeh ) Shemagh to distinguish it, whether for official or private occasions or for daily life, and (Brogeh ) Shemagh is a distinctive product with excellent quality, high quality, and innovative designs.

Ajlan and Bros. Company made sure that the prices of (Brogeh) shemagh are the cheapest among its competitors, as its current prices are equivalent to half of the prices of the sacks in the market while maintaining its high quality compared to the price and within everyone's reach.

The worlds in the men's clothing market confirm that the high-end brand Brogeh shemagh with its various designs and models today holds the largest share in the market undisputedly and captures the interests of buyers for use and gift due to its preservation of the quality levels that Ajlan and Bros. have bet on since its issuance of a decision to manufacture a special and distinctive shemagh that reflects the accumulation of Its experiences spanning more than fifty years ago, pointing out that “Brogeh ” shemaghs from Ajlan & Bros Company continues day after day and year after year to achieve success and get more spaces in the list of customers and consumers with all their tastes, age groups, needs, and occasions in the Kingdom and the Gulf.

Brogeh shemagh excels in all the elements of comparison that buyers know, starting with natural, distinctive and comfortable cotton materials, fixed ends regardless of the length of use, brightness and stability of colors and their degree that varies according to model and taste, in addition to its preservation of the environment.

The models and designs of Brogeh shemaghs vary and even the degrees of its colors vary according to the design and the desires of the customers, with a permanent stability of these colors that always suit the nature of the model, as these shemaghs have flexibility when formed and stability when wearing, which is one of the most important advantages that consumers are looking for at the present time.

With the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan and the approach of the blessed Eid Al-Fitr, "Ajlan and Bros." company was keen to make the prices of Brogeh shemagh, which is characterized by innovative designs, high quality, high-end and distinctive patriotism, and commensurate with the choice of customers and consumers with all their tastes, age groups, needs and their events in the Kingdom and the Gulf within reach of everyone.

Brogeh shemagh has remained part of the traditional identity of the Saudi and Gulf youth, and he accompanies him in all seasons of the year, as there is a shemagh for the summer and another for the winter, each of which is distinguished by suitable materials for each season.



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