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Introduce a plan for today's afternoon supply warehouses in Dammam

14 March 2012

Ajlan Al Ajlan & Bros. Company, Ammar Real Estate Company and Yazdan Real Estate Group, intend to launch the Imdad warehouse plan this afternoon in Al Andalus Hall in Dammam.

Ajlan Al Ajlan, Chairman of Ajlan and Bros. Company, said that the supply warehouse plan is located in Dammam from the eastern region, north of Dhahran Abqaiq road, and south of the radar area. Al Ajlan explained that the plan covers a total area of 490,000 square meters and contains 193 plots of land.

He added that the plan has a unique location, as it is concentrated between the main cities of Dammam, Dhahran, and Khobar, in addition to the King Abdulaziz Commercial Port Village and Saudi Aramco.

Al Ajlan stressed that the plan is considered a good investment opportunity for investors, as it is considered a central strategic location for warehouse users of all kinds.

Al Ajlan emphasized the readiness of the plan, as it is characterized by the completion of the necessary infrastructure and comprehensive settlement of lands, which enables the final beneficiary to build immediately and without injecting more costs into the settlement and burial operations.

Al Ajlan stated that the plan is linked by an arterial network of highways and important roads, as it is located along the King Abdulaziz Port Road and the Jubail Dhahran Highway, in addition to its location near the Abu Hadriyah Highway, which is the arterial road linking the State of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Al Ajlan added that the site of the plan is located near the first and second industries in Dammam, which serves to serve it and provide facilities for companies and factories operating in these two industries.

Al Ajlan indicated that the plan is characterized by a ready-made structure in terms of comprehensive settlement of lands, water and electricity works, sanitation works, telephone networks, asphalting and lighting, which is considered a catalyst and encouraging factor to go to the plan by investors and those interested in the work of industrial warehouses.