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Ajlan & Bros Holding Group attended the 9th China-Arab Business Conference of China-Arab Cooperation Forum

07 April 2021

On April 6, the 9th China-Arab Business Conference and the 7th China-Arab Investment Seminar of China-Arab Cooperation Forum (hereinafter referred to as "CASCF") co-hosted by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), with the support of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Arab League Secretariat and the General Federation of Arab Agriculture and Industry Chambers of Commerce (CAAC) was successfully held in Beijing. Mohammad Al Ajlan, the Deputy Chairman of Ajlan & Bros Holdings Group and President of Saudi Chinese Business Council, attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech. Sheikh Mohammed called for further expanding the potential of bilateral economic and trade cooperation, promoting exchanges on investment advantages and industrial policies, and creating a new situation of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation between the two countries. 

As an important platform for China and Arab States to strengthen practical cooperation, the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum has formed more than a dozen meeting mechanisms covering many key areas. As an important institutional activity under its framework, the China-Arab Business Conference has also developed into a top-level economic and trade conference jointly organized by the governments and business communities of the two sides. During the conference this year, about 800 guests including government officials from China and Arab countries, diplomatic envoys, business association representing, entrepreneurs and experts and scholars, have joined the in-depth discussions. The theme is around the "hand in hand to promote bilateral trade and economic cooperation for the future,", focusing on strengthening the development of economic integration, promoting economic and trade cooperation and jointly advancing digital economy. 

In the Thematic Session: "China-Arab Investment Opportunities", Sheikh Mohammed as the Deputy Chairman Ajlan & Bros Holding Group and the President of Saudi Chinese Business Council, has delivered a keynote speech. Sheikh Mohammed has emphatically introduced the China-Arab trade exchanges, Saudi Arabia investment opportunities and prospects of economic and trade cooperation in the Saudi.

Sheikh Mohammed mentioned that ‘The future for investment in Saudi Arabia is looking increasingly bright. The Saudi Government is currently revising its foreign investment law to make the market more favorable to foreign investors.  

Through these efforts, we have seen Saudi Arabia jump 30 places in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index, showing the most drastic improvement worldwide. Ajlan & Bros Holding Group, as the largest Saudi private conglomerate in China, based on our solid and 20 plus years old footprint in China, we are committed to business excellence together with our Chinese counterparts.’ 

On the bilateral economic and trade relations between China and Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Mohammed said ‘The relationship between the Arab states and China has continued to blossom and China-Arab relationship is a model example of international cooperation.  With the deep align of Saudi Vision 2030 and China’s Belt & Road Initiative, we as the leading international group is eager to play our role as an efficient gateway to win-win collaborations, and in nurturing partnerships to spring from the ground as one tree becomes an entire orchard of sustenance.’  

Since the establishment of diplomatic relationship between China and Saudi Arabia in 1990, bilateral relations have been developing steadily and cooperation areas have been constantly expanded. At present, Saudi Arabia has become China's largest trading partner in West Asia and Africa, as well as China's largest crude oil supplier. China has also been Saudi Arabia's largest trading partner for many years in a row. As the largest Saudi private enterprise in China, the Group has conducted investment exchanges and negotiations with a number of Chinese leading enterprises in the various industries since its establishment. In the fields of e-sports, payment technology and logistics, the Group has also achieved a series of mutually beneficial cooperation with many leading Chinese enterprises. 

In December 2019, ABHG cooperated with Tencent Games to organize the region’s largest global eSports tournament - Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile Star Challenge - with the full support of the Saudi government. Our joint venture “Tiqmo” in Saudi focusing on fintech industry is powered by Chinese technology giant Swiftpass, helping accelerate Saudi Arabia’s move towards a cashless economy. The Group has also collaborated with China’s leading integrated express logistics service provider - SF Express - to establish the JV “AJEX” in Saudi together and bring the latest advancements in logistics to KSA. It has not only expanded the commercial influence of Chinese enterprises in the local area, but also provided a large number of employment opportunities for the local area.