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ABHGA partners with SF International to Establish Joint Logistics Venture AJEX

12 February 2022

AJEX, an international logistic company jointly founded by Saudi Arabian company Ajlan & Bros Holding Group Abilitii (ABHGA) and SF International, officially began operations in January 2022. As an express logistics service provider soon to expand operations globally, AJEX has been authorized to provide logistics services to Saudi Arabia and the greater Middle East region, covering three mediums of land, air and sea transportation. As the world’s leading China-Saudi joint logistics venture, AJEX will be committed to bringing Chinese e-commerce into the Saudi market, effectively promoting bilateral trade and business relations between China and Saudi Arabia. With logistics services provided by AJEX, consumers and businesses located in Saudia Arabia and the Middle East can now purchase Chinese e-commerce products with one click.

Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi’s capital city, AJEX possesses many technical strengths. Not only does AJEX make full use of interactive websites to facilitate order creation and shipment tracking, it has also built an efficient logistics network to optimize user experience. AJEX provides convenient and quality end-to-end transportation solutions and services that cover all touchpoints, from overseas warehouses to sea and air freight to customs clearing and finally to customer delivery.  Notably, with the help of one of the international logistics giant SF International, AJEX can cover the business of most Chinese and MENA market, and further expand to the global market. On the other hand, ABHGA has more than 60 years of business experience in the Middle East, encompassing retail, distribution, real-estate and other sectors. Under this joint partnership, AJEX can supply seamless end-to-end solutions for industries spanning e-commerce, retail, manufacturing and supply chain, foreign trade in both China and Saudi Arabia.

After witnessing smooth beginnings for AJEX’s operations, Ajlan Mohammed Alajlan, Managing Director of AJEX expressed, “We hope that AJEX can make a valuable contribution to the development of logistics services in the whole world, especially in the MENA region, and give full play to the outstanding advantages of China's logistics industry in experience, quality, accuracy, speed and reliability. It is a great honor for our Group to steadily support the further strategic collaboration between China and Saudi Arabia through the operation of AJEX.”

The close bilateral relationship between China and Saudi Arabia has been strengthened through cooperation in diverse areas launched by the Belt and Road Initiative and the Vision 2030, becoming a benchmark of strategic cooperation globally. In 2016, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman promulgated the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, encouraging the Kingdom to vigorously develop industries such as smart logistics, cultural tourism, and the digital economy, so as to gradually boost the transformation from a single economy to a diversified economy. In recent years, the logistics and transportation industry has taken an increasingly important part in Saudi Arabia's national economy, and as a result, the Saudi government attaches great significance to the development of the logistics and transportation industry, laying out a series of preferential policies, further listing "Building Saudi Arabia into a logistics hub that connects three continents" as one of the key objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

To actively respond to the goal of smart logistics proposed by the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the Belt and Road Initiative, AJEX is founded as the times require. ABHGA is the largest Saudi private sector conglomerate in China, and has a legacy of more than two decades of investment into China. The joint venture between ABHGA and Chinese logistics giant SF International makes the most of ABHGA’s rich resources and multi-industry experience in the Middle East. Looking forward, AJEX will continue to increase its variety of services and to support and expand the local market, not only adding value to the China-Saudi logistics industry and transforming it to be more comprehensive, professional and sophisticated, but also to promote Saudi Arabia to become a global logistics and business center.