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Ajlan: We expect market sales to reach 500 million riyals in conjunction with Eid Al-Adha and winter will improve the readymade garment market sales

25 November 2009

Sources in the ready-to-wear market said that the arrival of the winter season and the cold wave that the regions of the Kingdom recently witnessed, and their coincidence with the advent of the blessed Eid al-Adha, would contribute to stimulating market sales.

These sources hope that this will lead to an improvement in market sales and compensate for the decline it witnessed during the current year, which, according to these sources, amounted to about 20% of the previous year's sales.

He explained to "Al-Riyadh" Ajlan Al Ajlan, head of Ajlan & Brothers, that the coincidence of the Eid Al-Adha season with the cold wave in the Kingdom will contribute to boosting the sales of companies and institutions dealing in the field of ready-made clothes.

He expected that the sales of ready-to-wear men's clothing of ashgha and underwear in the winter season and Eid al-Adha season would reach about 500 million riyals, indicating that the two categories represent about 50% of the total market sales in the year.

He stressed that the market for men's clothing and synthetic fabrics in general was not active during the current year and decreased significantly from the year 2008 AD, estimating the size of the decline by about 20 %.

He said that Ajlan & Bros. Company was able, despite the market decline, to raise its sales by about 15% from last year, enhance its market share, and improve its performance, better than last year.

He attributed this improvement to his company doubling its efforts in the field of sales and opening new marketing outlets, by opening about 500 new outlets in the local market, in partnership with Man Divan, as well as by stimulating retailers through the attractive marketing offers it provided to them.

He added that those dealing with the ready-to-wear market are required to make greater efforts to improve their sales, to face the downturn in the market, and to return their marketing plans to ensure their survival and competition in the market.

It is noteworthy that the activity of the ready-made clothes trade comes in the second place after the food and catering activity, in terms of importance in the commercial activity in general in the local market.