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Mohammed Al-Ajlan: Our country achieves economic and health achievements and celebrates the Crown Prince

19 May 2020

Businessman Muhammad Al Ajlan, Vice Chairman of Ajlan and Bros. Group, Chairman of the Saudi-Chinese Business Council, expressed his pride and pride on the third anniversary of the pledge of His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, noting that despite the crisis What struck the world, the Kingdom was taking unique financial and regulatory measures and measures to ensure that the private sector continued to perform its national economic process, to preserve Saudi cadres during the current stage and support their growth, and to help them overcome this difficult period.

Muhammad Al Ajlan emphasized that the Saudi state’s planning - represented by its crown prince whom we all celebrate today’s sale - achieved security in its comprehensive medical, food, and industrial concept, and even localized industries amid this grinding crisis, and the development of the capabilities of Saudi human cadres. To implement mega projects despite the difficulties; to continue the wheel of production, to achieve self-sufficiency in the requirements of life in its largest sense, and to achieve economic stability and social stability.

Businessman Muhammad Al Ajlan concluded his statement by saying: The Crown Prince, on the anniversary of his third pledge of allegiance, and despite the global crisis, was keen that the Saudi state continues to support national industries, and then Saudi cadres, to achieve an export surplus that exceeds the repercussions of that crisis, in all industries, especially with regard to health, then food, while preserving a strong national economy system.