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Al Ajlan's experience gave him a well-deserved confidence from the biggest house of businessmen in the Kingdom

25 November 2018

The speedy selection of the members of the Riyadh Chamber’s board of directors, Ajlan Al Ajlan, came as the chairman of the board of directors of Riyadh, succeeding Ahmed Al-Rajhi, who was issued last week by a royal decree appointing him as Minister of Labor and Social Development, to demonstrate the Chamber’s confidence in its men and their solidarity at the hand of one man who deserves confidence, and has the capabilities and distinctive relationship with the house of men The largest business in the Kingdom, as well as confirming the efficiency of Al Ajlan and his deserving of this confidence from the members of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, and before that, he achieved a high acceptance rate in the Chamber’s elections two years ago, from the private sector’s and Chamber’s affiliates who are entitled to vote for the competitors.

Al Ajlan is currently one of the most prominent businessmen in the Kingdom, with more than four decades of experience in trade and investment, and chairs a number of boards of directors of large and well-known companies, and has a wide relationship with business officials and the private sector in the Kingdom, and at the level of the capital in particular.

The Chamber's workers, heads of its committees and members, and all its associates, expect that Al Ajlan will continue to attend his good will to develop the work mechanism, and draw strategies that achieve the Chamber’s objectives in continuing the process of developing the internal work system, which will be greatly reflected in the effectiveness of the committees associated with it, and with a specific focus on aspects of Modern training that serves Saudization in the private sector, and with interest in continuing the Chamber's role in participating in drawing the Kingdom's Vision 2030 by activating the requirements of the private sector and facilitating its work and its presence in this vision, and facilitating the services of the business sector in the Kingdom through consultations with government agencies related to the Chamber, especially Ministries concerned and close to the private sector, such as finance, labor and trade, and many bodies directly related to the private sector.

It is noteworthy that Al Ajlan is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of (Ajlan & Bros) Group of Companies, one of the largest investment and commercial groups in the Kingdom, and one of the leading international companies in the field of manufacturing traditional men's clothing, in addition to ready-made clothes since 1979, in addition to investing in real estate in The Kingdom and abroad, and the Ajlan and Bros. Group of Companies invests in the capital markets in 25 countries around the world. This comes through the Private Equity and Direct Investment Fund, and he chairs the board of directors of several Saudi-European-American-Chinese companies.