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Ajlan Al Ajlan: A distinctive role for businessmen in social responsibility, in support of education and memorizing the Quran

11 November 2018

The President of the Riyadh Chamber and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Ajlan and Bros. Group", Ajlan Al Ajlan, praised the role of businessmen in the Kingdom and their contributions in the field of social responsibility, and said in a statement to "Riyadh": "They have distinguished and memorable roles, and many businessmen and families have allocated endowments and incentives in the field of preserving the Book of God and education in general in all regions of the Kingdom."

He referred to the “Ajlan and Bros. Award for Academic Excellence,” whose fourth edition was recently celebrated. Al Ajlan said: "Praise be to God, we have succeeded in taking care of this award, and we find honest competition in the Ajlan family and the feast between children of different ages, and moving this achievement is a conciliation from God, because competition is increasing year after year."

Al Ajlan explained that the award, which honored 800 students during its four sessions, provided prizes amounting to 11 million riyals, and the award covered all stages of public and higher education, technical and military colleges. All the outstanding in these magazines are honored.

Al Ajlan emphasized that the award is on the verge of a developmental leap, and said: "We promise further development", and during the next meeting of the relevant committee, ideas will be discussed that push the award to new heights of brilliance.


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