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Ajlan Al Ajlan: The anniversary of the National Day is an occasion in which the generations reclaim the noble meanings on which the nation was founded

24 September 2017

Ajlan bin Abdulaziz Al Ajlan, Chairman of the Ajlan and Bros. Group, raised the warmest congratulations to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and to the Crown Prince His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman and to the Saudi people, on the anniversary of the National Day. He said, “This memory is an occasion for a national stand in which the generations reclaim the noble meanings on which the nation was built.

Al Ajlan emphasized that evoking history and looking closely at the epics led by the founder, King Abdulaziz and his dear men, may Allah have mercy      
on them, fills the heart with confidence that this dear country has been based on the piety of God and a strong determination to move forward in consolidating the foundations and building upon them in various stages and covenants.

He pointed out that the anniversary of the National Day this year has come and our country has passed great challenges, and the leadership has demonstrated its wisdom in dealing with it, and the Saudi people have also demonstrated their loyalty to the leadership, its support and opposition.

He explained that the next stage of the national march to strengthen the societal fabric, and declared the economy in light of "Vision 2030", needs to be equipped with more foundation lessons, and to evoke the values and meanings of the National Day.

Pointing out that this was clearly evident in the citizens ’stance against the advocates of seditions, and those who target national unity and the stability the Kingdom is experiencing. We are confident in God and then in our wise leadership that will lead us to the desired future that puts the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the ranks of developed countries. Ajlan Al Ajlan called upon the Almighty God to perpetuate his blessings on our country, and extend our leadership with his success to further the nation's prosperity, and the well-being and prosperity of citizens.